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Client360 Plan Offers.

Client360 Cloud based ERP Plans are tailormade to suit various segments of the business community such as manufacturing, retail and service industry. They offer various module combination put together to provide you a comprehensive working solutions.  The plans are tailored to fit your business whether you are an SME or an MSME, whatever be your budget. Find below the various plans offered by Client360. 

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CRM package

  • Entry Level Plan
  • Plan tailor-made for Marketing Agencies / Small Business Owners / Sales Promoters to manage their Customer Relationship Functions and Helpdesk resources.



CRM, Accounts & Inventory Package

  • Plan for Small & Medium Retailers
  • Plan tailor-made for Small & Medium Retailers / Product Distributors / Stockist & Agents / Warehousing Agents consisting of Accounts, Inventory, Warehousing and Financial Modules.



CRM, Accounts & HR

  • Plan for Services Oriented Firms & Consultancies
  • Plan tailor-made for Consultancy Service Providers / Other Service Providers / Technical Advisors / Helpdesk Providers / Maintenance Companies / Third Party Repair Units / Marketing Agencies



CRM, Accounts, Inventory & Manufacturing

  • Plan for Manufacturers & Factory Owners
  • Plan tailor-made for Manufacturers / Factory Owners / Assemblers / Value Added Resellers / Maintenance Companies / Third Party Repair Units / Accessory Manufacturers / Ancillary Units.



CRM, Accounts, Inventory, HR & Manufacturing

  • Total Comprehensive Plan with all modules
  • This is Total Comprehensive Plan incorporating all available integrated modules giving a 360 degree view of the entire business operation and includes all the module components.   

Many companies run Client360 to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your business bigger, better and more efficient.