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Client360 Cloud ERP on dedicated cloud servers. 

Client360 Cloud ERP uses cutting edge technology to host its Cloud ERP so that you can experience trouble free uninterrupted service.  All  Client360 Cloud ERP are deployed on dedicated cloud servers.  With dedicated server hosting you can expect trouble free deployment and instant support whenever required.

A reliable, and fast server is very vital for your own business growth.  For a business, It enhances the company‚Äôs image and encourage existing customers to refer your service to others. This results in more sales for less promotion. The need for a dedicated server is realised when statistics tell you how quickly people left your site because it was taking too much time to download.  If you are serious about your online presence you need to be on dedicated cloud server.

Client360 Cloud ERP is hosted at the data center that have been built to take heavy data load with dynamic data grid and auto load balancing features built in to the system. This include state-of-the-art servers, RAID storage devices, advanced power backup and fail safe fiber backbone to ensure flawless performance. The datacenter is a Tier IV datacenter facility.  Benefits of Dedicated Servers as as follows.

You are not sharing the system resources such as processor power, memory and disk space with any other sites or customer on the same server.

Greater Reliability
You do not run the risk of the server being slowed down, swamped with traffic, or crashed by another site or customer on a shared server.

As nobody else except authorized customers has an access to the server you can be sure of having a much greater degree of security.

Custom Configuration
If you need to install special software or configure the server to your own particular needs then often a dedicated server is the best solution.

Custom Firewall
Run your own custom firewall to enforce your own access control policy.

Your own very own address
Most shared hosting sites share a single IP address. In contrast, your dedicated server can have its own unique IP address.

Upgrade Path
More memory, disk space, additional bandwidth or extra processors can be exclusively added as the need arises on the fly with little or no downtime.

Many companies run Client360 to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your business bigger, better and more efficient.