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Anytime & Anywhere with Client360 Cloud ERP.

Client360 Cloud ERP helps you and your staff work remotely using its anytime, anywhere and anyone cloud concept effectively and efficiently. Access your vital data anytime and anywhere using internet's presence and reach to leverage your access. Having effective mobile working tools in place is obviously essential to any remote set-up.  

Organisations are changing the way they work. Radically. In the drive to become more efficient, many organisations today have encouraged their staff to become remote workers, working from home or client locations. Remote workers in turn want to use their own familiar devices to access company applications and data. 

Lifestyle changes mean that by 2025 it's expected that nearly 60% of staff will work remotely. But remote working doesn't just mean working from home. Providing staff with access to your business email, documents, processes and solutions whilst on the road can make the difference between winning the next big deal and losing out to your competitor. 

The benefits of remote working are many and varied.

Locational flexibility: Remote computing allows you unprecedented flexibility to move about and perform computing activities at the same time.
Improved Decision Making: Remote Computing gives you the ability to conduct business at the point of activity by collecting, accessing and evaluating critical business information quickly and accurately, leading to better and faster decision making.
Increased Productivity: The ability to work from any location reduces delay in accessing company information and processes when out of the office, increasing productivity of each worker. 
Reduced Business Continuity Challenge: Environmental impacts (for example severe weather) have little or significantly reduced effect on the business, with workers being able to carry out day-to-day activities from home.
Reduced Costs:  Remote computing can help reduce the costs of premises, enabling you to design the office floor-plan from the ground up for a mobile workforce (for example hot-desking, home-working)
Improved Customer Relations:  The success of a business can often be measured by its ability to satisfy customers. Mobility solutions gives your field worker the ability to respond to  customer questions any time their customers need them from wherever they happen to be.
Improved Staff Recruitment/Retention/Morale: Attracting and retaining employees, by allowing them to work where and when they choose, and by providing them the personalized tools for appropriate, customized information

Client360 Cloud ERP set you free but keeps you in control.

Now conduct business from anywhere and anytime using cloud.